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The GivEnergy (AIO), All in One may come to you in a convenient size, but it packs a major energy punch.

This week here at Evo Renewables, we have completed our very first GivEnergy AIO battery installation and we're excited to let you know what we think.... But first of all what is the Givenergy AIO?

The GivEnergy AIO is an AC coupled battery storage system with a whopping 13.5kwh storage capacity with 100% (DoD) depth of discharge! As the AIO is AC coupled, it suitable for retro fit and new solar installation and with a 6kw charge / discharge ability to really is a capable and powerful battery storage solution.

Aside from the battery capacity and the charging ability, the AIO can be installed along site the GivEnergy Gateway which very cleverly now allows the property to continue running on battery and solar in event of a power cut!

The GivEnergy boasts a 20ms change over delay time, but this being said when we tried the back up we honestly couldn't tell there had been any transfer of supply... No lagging, no interruption just seamlessly swapping over!

Evo Renewables is a company who pride ourselves on understating the engineering aspects of the equipment we install and moreover, we want to fully trust the brands that we recommend. Thats why, when we approached GivEnergy to see if they would be willing to send an engineer to site to be involved with our installation video they were more than happy to help and Sean came to show us the ropes.

Having Sean from GivEnergy onsite, allowed us to ask as many honest and technical questions as possible. (YouTube Video Coming Soon)

So what did we think?

From an installation point of view in terms of the hardware, the GivEnergy AIO could not have been more simpler to install. Every aspect has been designed to help the installer, from the module battery cells which makes handling the equipment easy to the use of wage style connectors. Having installed the Tesla gateways in the past I was super pleased with how simple the GivEnergy Gateway was to install. Having the meters, and switch gear pre installed by the manufacturer really helps but also allowing for enough space in the enclosure to terminate the main supply cables without having to form tight bends etc really made it simple.

However.......Commission wise, you do really need to allow plenty of time to set this up and allow the firmware downloads which can take a little time! Pull up a chair, have a brew and patiently wait. This isn't something you want to be commission late on a Friday afternoon.

The thought I have about the GivEnergy AIO is that is rivals the Tesla Powerwall and from an installation and cost point of view it might even top the Tesla!

Lets summarise

If you can't already tell from everything we've already said, we love the Givenergy AIO and we can see the huge potential this has for domestic homeowners who are looking for a new solar pv and battery installation and more so for reto fit installations where the howeowner has a good FIT rate.

Overall we will be recommending the AIO to future customers and we're more than happy with the products.

To find out more or get a quotation for a GivEnergy AIO please contact our office on 01606 374 416 or email

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