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Air Conditioning

Air source heat pumps  & air conditioning use the air as a source of heat. They absorb heat from the outside or the surrounding air and transfers that into useable heat in the home for space heating.  Air source heat pumps & air conditioning units can be reversed to they can draw heat from the inside of a building, therefore providing cooling during summer as well as indoor heating for the colder times of the year.


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Types of Systems

Over the last couple of years there has been an increase in consumers seeking to cool and heat their homes with Air Conditioning or also know as ASHPs. Historically, air conditioning as been an expensive luxury which hasn't always been the most environmentally friendly due to the harmful HCFC refrigerants which had harmful ozone depleting potential.

The concept of heat pumps has been adopted quiet easily by consumers which has then given way to the understanding of air condition which is fundamentally very similar with the same basic refrigeration components.

Single Split Systems

A domestic entry level This can be a cheap and easy solution to both heating and cooling a single room that gets too hot or doesn’t otherwise have radiators, such as a loft, a bedroom, a garden office or a glass kitchen extension. This will cost about £2,000 fully installed. 

Multi Split Systems

The next level is a “multi-split”, which is one outdoor unit delivering warm or cool air to multiple rooms via wall-mounted boxes, at about £5,000. Muli split gives owners the option to heat or cool all indoor units. They cannot choose to heat and cool the indoor units at the same time, which can become problematic depending on preference.

Powering AC

Factoring the cost of running an AC unit to heat or cool a space needs to be considered.  It may be that you decide to use less, gas to heat wet systems such as central heating or you may even be using electric radiators.

In either case, the addition of Solar Pv and Battery storage and can drastically enhance the affordability of running the AC units and reduce overall energy bills.  This 

Energy Efficient

R32 is the next generation of refrigerant gas that boasts nearly 70% lower global warming potential rate than R410A.  Due to its superior qualities R32 offers amazing efficiency benefits. R32 has a potential refrigerating effect of 1.5x that of R410A meaning it needs less energy to achieve the desired temperature and requires less refrigerant volume to operate.


Mitsubishi Heavy Industries

Mitsubishi SRK20ZS-S

The Mitsubishi SRK20ZS-S air conditioning systems are wall mounted and come in three options standard diamond and premium this covers from 2kw to 10kw. Standard heat pump systems use inverter technologies and offer excellent value for money. The 10kW Diamond system has an air throw ability of 20mtrs The Diamond units offer the highest level of efficiency and feature state of the art inverter motors for maximum energy savings. the premium models features the latest inverter technologies and high efficiency in heat pump technology. Built in WiFi allows you to control your air conditioning from your smart device, anywhere.

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