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EV Charging

Here at Evo Renewables, we have experience in installing EV charging points since the days of the OLEV grand for home owners.  Over the years we have installed a variety of brands with a variety of charge ratings. From 16amp developer points to comply with new build regulations to duel 22kw commercial pedestal charging points at commercial locations.

Our brand of choice is the MyEnergi Zappi, for a multitude of reasons, mainly though the fact that the Zappi has build in O-PEN device meaning we don't need to install additional products. Also the Zappi has the huge benefit of working with Solar Pv and being able to change most EV's from excess generated Solar PV.

In addition to all of the above the Zappi offers great technical support, a good warranty and works alongside the other MyEnergy products such as the Eddi and Libbi to create a home eco system of smart communication and devices.

EV Extras

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