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Solaredge is by far one of our favourite brands to install. The quality, technical support, warranty and safety features are a great addition to have when installing Solar Pv.  

Solaredge are a market leading in the renewable industry and are continually improving upon their offerings including the off grid gateway and the home eco system.

Evo Renewables is an approved expert Solaredge installer, meaning we have installed countless systems and completed hours of technical training which puts us in a great position to install and maintain your Solaredge system.

10 - 12 Years


Whatsapp Technical Support

Industry Leading Safety Features

App Based Panel Level Monitoring

The World’s #1 Home Solar Energy System

SolarEdge systems deliver more of what you buy a solar energy system for – power!

Each solar module (also called a solar panel) on your roof is connected to a SolarEdge Power Optimizer which transforms it into a smart module. Working together with our high efficiency inverters, they harvest the maximum amount of energy possible, regardless of shading, soiling, and other factors to provide your home with more electricity over the system’s lifetime.

Key Facts

Typically there are two different types of technologies with Solar Pv.

Traditional String Systems - Traditional string systems are standard solar pv systems wired in series like old Christmas tree lights. Most traditional inverters have just two MPPTs. The advantage of this type of system is that it can be installed quickly and is the cheapest way to install Solar Pv. A traditional string system is ideal for customers with a tighter budget. When installing traditional string system we only use the very best manufactures in this category such as the MyEnergi Libbi and GivEnergy.


Optimised Solaredge Systems - Unike a traditional string system, the Solaredge optimised system uses small individual MPPT optimisers under each panel which now turns the system into a parallel system. These optimisers allow each panel to work to their most efficient output meaning that you can expect to generate around 10% more per annum compared to a standard string system.  In addition to this, you are now also able to panel level monitor each individual panel through the Solaredge mobile app.  Solaredge is our opinion is the market leader in terms of being technically more advance.  Some of the features from solaredge are not just generation related but also safety related.

How Solaredge Works

Solaredge is different to many of the traditional systems and can be a huge advantage for both domestic and commercial installations where returning a higher generation yield is important or where real time support and monitoring is crucial.

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