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Updated: Nov 29, 2023


September, despite being at the end of the Summer, has still seen as much demand for the installation of small scale domestic PV Systems. Although, according to two of the largest wholesalers in the UK, they have reported ti us a dip in sales along with a much larger stock holding due to over estimations.

Our opinion of this is consumers have started to "accept" the current price per kw for energy and the shock factor has worn off. According to the Independent "Britain’s energy suppliers are set to rake in a massive £1.74bn in profit from hard-pressed customers’ bills over the next 12 months, according to a shock new report."

The staggering profit is a clear representation of over inflated energy prices that have no sign of rapidly reducing. Speaking with another trades person recently, he reported that his current electricity payment is staggering £300 per month! To my surprise, the manor of which he was telling me this was in an almost accepting way...... but this shouldn't be the case!

Despite this dip in wholesale sale and our opinions of acceptance, we have remained steady in September delivering on quality systems aimed and designed to provide the homeowner with the most efficient and self sustainable system with a mixture of Solar Panels and Battery storage.

Overall, we have started to see a small dip in energy prices however they are still sticking around 29p - 33p per kWh. Many of our customer understand that Solar Pv isn't a one size fits all nor is it a magic wand but actually an investment for the future. With the average solar pv and battery system looking to provide a full return on investment between 7 - 10 years solar pv is still a very good hedge against rising energy costs and also rising inflation costs.

Aside from providing power from the sun, having battery storage also enables the charging of the battery at off peak rates which can be used during the day time and also provides huge savings against the standard kWh price.

Checking in with a commercial client recently who has 12kw pv array and 20kwh of battery storage, they've reported savings of around £1,500 per month since the installation!!! Although not every customer is a 3 phase commercial client, it's far to say that solar pv is a very good solution for both domestic and commercial clients alike.

Interested in Solar Pv? Simply give us a call to discuss: 01606 374 416

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