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The wait is over..... The MyEnergi Libbi is HERE!

Updated: Jun 23, 2023

The latest addition to the MyEnergi range is the Solar Pv Storage system named the Libbi, and we've got our hands on some!

This week has been the first opportunity for many installers across the UK, including us, to get their hands on the new Libbi equipment which has been a long time coming.

MyEnergi Libbi Installers
MyEnergi Libbi

So what is the Libbi? This is how MyEnergi describe the Libbi.

"A modular battery storage system that adapts to your needs

We created libbi to store your electricity, to use it when you need it most. It allows you to capture as much surplus solar electricity as possible, whilst integrating with your existing myenergi devices.

libbi is modular by design. Each module can store up to 5kWh of electricity, so combining 4 of them together would provide up to 20kWh of storage"

First Impressions

Ok, we've installed 5x of the Libbi systems this week, some as new installations and some as retrofit systems swapping out existing inverters.

On first impressions, the Libbi looks awesome, sleek and stylish! In a way which isn't offensive the Libbi blends right in like any other white goods appliance in the household. Some other manufacturers systems look big, bulky and intrusive so MyEnergi have got it right in terms of the design!

From an installation perspective the Libbi fits together very easily and allows all of the AC and DC cables to be brought to one central location to be dressed in and made to look neat.

Adding the Libbi to a new or existing MyEnergy app and allowing the homeowner to keep on top of the system and monitor the import and export from a great app is brilliant. Probably one of the best apps on the market!

Pros and Cons

The MyEnergy Libbi is new to the market and as such is going to have pros and cons that I'm sure I'll be ironed out over the coming weeks from the manufacturer.



Installing the Libbi couldn't be easier however the tower stack is floor mounted and the top of the tower which is the inverter is only braced to the wall so has plenty of movement which I would like to see some sort of fixing kit to stop this play.


When connecting a Libbi to existing MyEnergy devices needs, you need to make sure that existing devices are upgraded to the latest firmware of version 5. If you forget to do this, upgrading once connected becomes a real struggle and very frustrating!


Setting up the Libbi is very straightforward and follows the same logic as the Zappi and Eddi which is nice and familiar. Having said that I would like to have seen a better commissioning wizard or set up flow which would prevent any steps being missed or settings not set.


From a customer's perspective the monitoring is second to none, however as an installer as soon as we leave site we loose any form of monitoring which is a real shame. I see this causing issues and frustration due to the fact that installers can't view their installed sites so if customers have issues then we are blind and dependant upon MyEnergy technical support



The Libbi is and an affordable set of equipment for the homeowner and is very versatile in how it can be installed both AC and DC coupled. Installing the Libbi couldn't be easier!


The Libbi seamlessly connects to the other MyEnergy devices (after 5v update) such as the Zappi and the Eddi and helps the homeowner to use more of their excess pv power and become more self sufficient.


Installing a battery system can be very expensive, however the MyEnergi Libbi for the quality and functionality of the equipment is very affordable. Being modular means you can choose your storage capacity to suit your budget. Compared to alternative storage systems you would be hard pressed to find anything else as good on the market, for the same money!

EPS (Off Grid)

Many inverters now have and EPS off grid function but are limited, normally to only a small amount of power. The Libbi give a great output on the EPS function and could power quite a number of essential loads during power cuts!

The Final Score

I think that MyEnergi have a little bit of work to do on the back end of the Libbi. Having the ability for installers to monitor their installed sites would be hugely advantageous!

However, overall the Libbi is a wonderful price of equipment that sits effortlessly into the home and functions exactly how you would expect.

In reality some of the CONs mentioned above don't actually effect the performance of the equipment and maybe I'm just being wishful and a little over dramatic!

I would be more than happy to continue installing and and recommending the MyEnergy Libbi to homeowners across the UK.

If you've installed a Libbi or you're a homeowner with a Libbi installed, please leave you're thoughts below!

If your from MyEnergi, can I have a new T-shirt please 😂

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